Why don't you have exact rates listed?

We will always take into account how long it will take to setup and style a product shoot, as well as the type of product we are shooting. Is it a large item that requires 2 people to handle? Is the product reflective like jewelry? The bottom line is TIME.  But for most products shots that need simple 2-3 angles, our rates are super affordable.  You will notice when you compare to other companies.  It's best to give us an accurate description of what you need, and we'll give you an accurate quote.

What kind of guarantees can you give me, so I'm happy with my photos?

We will make sure to get detailed directions from each client, so we are on the same page prior to any photoshoot. We will then send one FREE watermarked sample of your product for approval.  Once approved, we will stick with the same guidelines from the direction and photo you approved. On some cases, we would request that the client be there during the photoshoot, so the client can approve images in real time. We suggest client presence in more creative shoots. Studio fees will apply if client decides to be in the studio during the photoshoot.

How long does my product photography take?

This all depends on the number of products you have to be photographed and how many images of each product you need. Our standard for most product photography orders is 5 business days, starting from the scheduled shoot date. Rush order fees apply if you need it sooner. 

What if my business is not in the Los Angeles area?

No problem. We are a nationwide service. Simply have your products delivered to our studio in Los Angeles, and we will ship your products back when we are all done. Client is responsible for any shipping costs. 

Can I be there while you photograph my products?

Absolutely. If you choose to be there during the shoot, we will schedule a date where we are strictly shooting your products. We do charge an additional studio rental fee for either 1/2 or full day. You'll get a chance to approve each photo on the spot. This ensures that your 100% satisfied. We won't be able to give you the files on the day of the shoot. It will still take a few days to edit the photos.  

Is there a minimum order requirement ?

There is no minimum requirement, however we highly suggest getting as many product images shot at one time to make sure that every product is shot consistently. Lighting setups are always different for each client.