If the images on this website captured your attention, then we're doing our job!  In this Visual Era we live in, the customer will always gravitate toward a more appealing picture when shopping online, therefore a good product photo is the most important arsenal you can have for any e-commerce success.  Don't settle for 'mediocre'.  Let us boost your brand and establish value to your products. is the solution to your high-end, professional e-commerce photography needs.  Whether it be for your website, Amazon, eBay, Shopify, linesheets, catalog, or social media, we will help your products demand the attention it deserves. 

Our professional photo studio is located in North Hollywood, CA just minutes North of Downtown Los Angeles.  We are a boutique studio that is literally a 'mom-and-pop' shop.  That is why we maintain a low overhead and can afford to keep our rates super competitive.  We offer fast service and satisfaction guaranteed.  It's time to give yourself a competitive edge! 

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The most effective way to display products in your e-commerce website, Shopify, Amazon, eBay, catalogs, linesheets, and social media.  We will shoot your products on a white background in as many angles as you require.  We can also get up close and personal with detail shots.  After we shoot it, we will retouch and color correct each image.  We will then deliver high-resolution photos as well as web-optimized variations of each image.  Starting at $20 per image.  
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Make your products come to life, so your customers can visualize how your products will look on them.  It also helps to project lifestyle and brand identity.  Starting at $25 per image.

Don't have access to models?  We do!  Set a budget as to how much you'd like to pay your model, and we'll start looking.  We will give you a list of options that fit your requirements.  Alternatively, you can provide your own model. 
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Wanna get creative? These are what you call "Hero" images.  They typically go on the homepage of your website.  It is the leading visual representation of your product, and it sets the tone for your entire website.  Hero shots aren’t just there to make a landing page look pretty.  A hero shot is there to showcase the value of your product.  We typically create our hero shots with a model, props, and/or an environmental background. 
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